2901, 2018

1 Million Minutes

How long does it take pass the time of day with someone? There are 1 million lonely people in UK and the call is for 1 Million Minutes to help solve the crisis .. One million minutes

It’s called 1 Million Minutes because there are more than 1 million older people in the UK don’t speak […]

2901, 2018

People’s Champion

With four years under our belts and a thriving enterprise that thrills us every day, it is humbling to be shortlisted People’s Champion for the 14th Startups Award.

I was made redundant shortly after my 50th birthday (there’s plenty to reveal about all of that which I’m saving for another day!)  Redundancy and midlife adjustments were, thankfully, in […]

507, 2016

Meet the Director of SHS Harrow

 – George Demetriou

An in-flight magazine might not be the most obvious place to look for a new purpose in life – but that’s exactly how Seniors Helping Seniors came to the attention of George Demetriou. Here the Director of SHS Harrow, a Pinner resident for over 30 years, explains how he came to be involved with the […]

906, 2016

Boosting appetite for someone with dementia or a frail appetite

Boosting Appetite for someone with dementia

Has your loved one gone off meals? Perhaps they’ve lost confidence in the kitchen? As part of Carers Week, Seniors Helping Seniors provide some great suggestions on how to rekindle their interest. Seniors Helping Seniors are an at-home care service providing support for older people in areas like meal preparation, shopping, transportation and house […]

1104, 2016

Elderly Malnutrition

Malnutrition in the elderly is more common than you may think.

The Malnutrition Task Force is an independent group of experts across health, social care and local government united to address avoidable and preventable malnutrition in older people. We have started to work together because we see how dangerous a poor diet is for elderly people and most […]

2903, 2016

Easter Holiday

A couple of important things happened over Easter

We spent the holiday making sure people were well looked after during the holiday period.

When your role is to keep people well, safe and happy,  days off don’t really make any sense.  We are used to structuring our teams to ensure people get exactly the service they want […]

1603, 2016

John’s campaign and Seniors Helping Seniors®

Nicci Gerrard and Julia Jones founded John’s campaign 30th November 2014 and it affects over 850,000 people living with dementia in UK.
250 hospitals in UK have pledged to welcome carers of people with dementia whenever the patient needs them but that is far from the nationwide right it should be .  NHS England has made […]

803, 2016

Has your loved one with dementia gone off meals?

Dementia experts Unforgettable.org look to Seniors Helping Seniors for expert advice.

Has your loved one with dementia gone off meals? Perhaps they’ve lost confidence in the kitchen? Care providers Seniors Helping Seniors provide some suggestions…

The whole mealtime experience is one of the most important contributions to an elderly person’s health and happiness. However, if your loved one with […]

703, 2016

Pressure sores

Pressure sores
Having seen pressure sores at close quarters I won’t shock you with a picture of them. Instead I have chosen to share the image above showing areas of the body vulnerable to developing them.

What is a pressure sore?  

Pressure sores, pressure  ulcers or bedsores are the names given to an injury that breaks down the skin and […]

303, 2016

Slow cooked Minestrone Soup

This is a wonderful home cooked soup. So good for you and so tasty. It’s another perfect recipe for the slow cooker. This recipe will make 4-6 servings and it is suitable to re-heat once, so reduce the ingredients rather than waste.

It is a very forgiving recipe so you can change it to suit your […]