1510, 2015

Cutlery For Less Able hands.

Many older people find they develop arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome which makes using standard cutlery more difficult. There are several solutions to this problem allowing them to remain independent longer.
Caring Cutlery

Caring Cutlery is a range of cutlery for anyone with less able hands they include easy grip cutlery and large handled cutlery. The different types are suitable […]

3009, 2015

Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling in the elderly

A fear of falling is making many elderly people prisoners in their own homes, a survey has suggested. More than one in five of the 500 people aged 75 and older, interviewed by the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service charity, lived in fear of falling.
And 5% are so fearful that they will […]

2708, 2015

The Blue Badge Company

As Ellen Green from the Blue Badge Company has recently pitched to the Dragons on Dragons Den I thought it was timely to include a post about her business.

How the Blue Badge Company came to be. 

In 2010 disabled designer Camilla Hall received her first Blue Badge. Searching for a wallet to store and protect it, Camilla discovered […]

2008, 2015

Gloves or no gloves

Gloves or no gloves ? – that is the question

As someone who is often with someone elderly person when other carers arrive to perform acts of daily living, I always wonder about the great glove debate.

Some agencies only use them for personal care whilst others insist care staff wear them to do everything from toileting […]

1108, 2015

Why we need potassium

Why we need potassium
Bananas have earned themselves quite a healthy reputation in the fitness world for the high levels of potassium they contain.

Potassium is an important mineral for a number of bodily functions. Potassium may play a hand in keeping blood pressure at reasonable levels so if you have high blood pressure it may help […]

906, 2015

Fathers Day Gifts

From Caron Cares. https://www.caroncares.co.uk

Stuck for an idea for your elderly Dad this Fathers Day ?
Elderly Dads are especially hard to buy for. Mums are always easier as a nice bouquet of flowers are usually appreciated.

As Dad has got older his needs have possibly changed. He may get out and about less and had to give […]

406, 2015

Smoke alarms save lives.

Smoke alarms also need testing.
Smoke alarms need to be tested regularly which for elderly and disabled people may be difficult and in some cases dangerous if they climb onto a chair to reach.
This Good Point smoke alarm tester is a useful and fun idea for a gift that can save bones and lives. Available for […]

206, 2015

Research into Dementia needs You.


Tomorrows discovery, today’s journey.
Healthy Individuals Needed To Shed Light On Alzheimer’s Disease.
Despite progress being made in the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, there is still a lot that is not known . There is currently no cure and no way to delay its symptoms.

The TOMMORROW study is researching a new investigational test to see if it […]

1905, 2015

Age related hearing loss

As we age, we begin to lose our hearing. Statistically, most adults begin to experience a decline in their hearing in their 30s or 40s. Age related hearing loss is also called Presbyacusis.

Over 10 million people suffer from hearing loss in the UK. Out of this, 6.3 million people are 65 years and above while […]

1305, 2015

Gift suggestions

This post was written by Caron Cares
The following items are supplied by design2enable and they provide lovely looking and feeling, useful items for the elderly and disabled.
The Sabi Roam Sport Cane
It is an all terrain and lightweight they are designed for the active you. Painted in eye popping colours with a matt finish,grab yours when you […]